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Preliminary Test Scores

Preliminary OSTP test score reporting for parents on the Parent/Student portal will be released on May 23, 2019 by the Oklahoma State Department of Education. The preliminary reporting window is the time in which the state reviews the information to ensure the reported student information and testing experiences reflect accurate student data and confirm what was anticipated. The state provides feedback before final reports are generated. Preliminary reporting is a first look at how students performed on their OSTP Assessments. The Student/Parent Portal will be updated with final reporting information on July 25, 2019. 
PHS Webmasters: What Comes Next?
Over the past three years, many students have been in and out of Mrs. James' Web Design class. However, one group has gotten closer than those in the past. Graduates Annie White, Jeffrey Neighbors, Kobe Harry, and Jordan Clark used this class as an opportunity to become friends with one another while also learning to be journalists.

Web Editor, Annie White, will be attending Loyola University in New Orleans to major in Mass Communications. PPS District Reporter, Jeffrey Neighbors, will be attending Northeastern State University to double major in Law and Media Studies. Kobe Harry will be attending Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado to study film. And, Jordan Clark will be attending Rogers State University to study criminal justice. 

As life leads each of these individuals down their own unique paths, they will forever treasure the moments that they spent together, working to update the Pryor Public Schools website.

baseball statePryor Baseball 5A State Champions!
Congratulations to the Pryor Baseball team for winning the 5A State Baseball Championship on Saturday, May 11 against Carl Albert with an impressive 11-0 final score. 

Jeffrey Neighbors
Goodbye PPS
by Jeffrey Neighbors
It has been a privilege and an honor writing for the district and its supporters for the last three years. Thank you for the opportunity. This is Jeffrey Neighbors, PPS District Reporter, signing out.

Jeffrey Neighbors
Shedding Some Light on the New Light Board

by Jeffrey Neighbors

Whether it’s a play, choir concert, band concert, or pageant, the Avra Auditorium is a regular hot-spot for entertainment from PPS students. Behind all of these productions is a small group of high school students, which includes Senior Annie White, who construct the sets for plays, execute lighting effects, balance audio, and provide many other services that are essential to the success of these events. In previous months, Dr. Raleigh had set aside funding to upgrade the technological capabilities the Stagecraft class has at its fingertips. Some of the funding went to the lighting system which includes but is not limited to new LED lights and a new light board.

Valued at $13,000, the Ion Xe light board has much of the same features as the previous light board but is improved by having a touch screen, smart lighting capabilities, and more attached light fixtures. Before additional funding was set aside for the light board, a maintenance problem destroyed the former light board; a single pipe in the light and sound booth burst due to cold weather. The burst pipe spewed water causing massive flooding and the obsoletion of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, making a new light board a necessity.

Annie and Mister Bryant operating light board

“In addition to the ruined equipment, all of the carpet in the auditorium was completely soaked. Several ceiling tiles were also damaged and fell onto the ground when the pipe burst.” theatre arts teacher Jim Bryant added.

Senior Annie White serves as the PHS light engineer in the Stagecraft class. Her job is to follow cues given to her by the director of whichever production is being performed at the Avra Auditorium. As a three year member in the class, Annie is very experienced with using light boards and had very little difficulty adjusting to the new light board when it was incorporated as the active light board.

“Since the new one has much of the same features and user interface as the former light board, learning to use it did not take long at all for me. After being in Mr. Bryant’s class for three years, I’ve found that it’s something I’m passionate about that really helps the rest of the fine arts students as well. It’s very enjoyable to make productions more theatrical through the use of our equipment.” White added.

Brooke miller
Brooke Miller Places at State
Congratulations to sophomore Brooke Miller for placing 6th at state track and field in the 5A discus throwing competition.

Second Semester Testing Schedule
Listed below is the schedule for second semester tests. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria both days of testing for students planning on eating. Senior students are exempt from second semester testing.

Mon. May 20, 2019

1st  period  8:30 - 10:00

3rd  period 10:05 -  11:30

Lunch        11:30 - 12:30

5th  period  12:35 -  2:00

7th  period  2:05 - 3:30


Tues. May 21, 2019

2nd  period  9:00 - 10:30

4th  period   10:35 - 12:00

Lunch        12:00 - 1:00

6th  period  1:05 -  2:30

tennis racket and balls
Boys Tennis Makes State!
Congratulations to Junior Ethan Olson and Sophomore Cason Douglas for making it to the Boys State Tennis Tournament!

BPA Conference Team
Pryor BPA
Congratulations to Senior Tran Do, and Juniors Lauren Kelley and Lilly Moore for making it to both the state and national BPA Conference!

Yearbook Graphic
Yearbooks Are Limited!
Yearbook quantities are limited! Buy one now!

The 2019-2020 course catalog is now updated and available for students enrolling in the 2019-2020 school year.

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