STUCO Header September

STUCO Officers 18-19

Student Council President:

Norma Bieberdorf

Senior Class Officers:

President: Katy Holcroft

Vice President: Hollie Wood

Secretary: Kobe Harry

Tresurer: Saige Martin

Class Representatives:

Chris Rowland

Joseph Fults

Eli Arric

Noah Daily

Junior Class Officers:

President: Madison Bradshaw

Vice President: Jenna Lanham

Secretary: Taylor Sprang

Tresurer: Natalie Fairman

Class Representative:

Samantha Kester

Sophomore Class Officers:

President: Mattie Pendley

Vice President: Cale Ingle

Secretary: Audrey Cornett

Tresurer: Vishal Maisuria

Current Student Council News!

Thank You PHS Staff

The blood drive was a success! A total of 36 students donated blood and several others attempted but could not for various reasons. The Red Cross was very complimentary of the students for their participation and courtesy. Thank you to PHS staff for their cooperation with students leaving class.