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The annual food drive has started and will be going until Friday, Nov. 20.
The goal this year is 580 items including canned food items, new coat, new  blanket, or new gloves. Each child bringing items gets to put their count of items toward the OU team or the OSU team.  All donations will go to the Pryor Ministry Center.  We will see which team can donate the most items!  

Flu Shot Flyer
Stop The Spread

The Oklahoma State Superintendent, Joy Hofmeister, says that getting your flu vaccination is “more important than ever” because “health care institutions are already stretched thin by the COVID-19 pandemic.” 

The CDC has provided a list of things that will help to stop the spread of the flu virus. There are three main actions you can take this year: get vaccinated, stop the spread--wash your hands and social distance, and ask your doctor about flu antivirals! 

Any steps taken to prevent the spread of both COVID-19 and the flu are very important. “It’s vital that we work together to maintain safe learning environments for our children.”


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bathroom reminder
Helping Learners Prepare for PRE-K

Some are confident, well-rehearsed, and going to the toilet all by themselves, some not so much, YET!

He/she can do it; it just takes practice and consistency.  So start NOW. 😃

Toileting Goal:  Learners should be able to independently go to the restroom, wipe, and wash hands.

LECC Toileting Expectations and Information:

Learners have routinely scheduled restroom breaks.
Each class has its own restroom for those in-between times when learners need to go.

We recommend sending an extra change of clothes, just in case of a wet accident.
If no extra clothes are available, we will call for someone to bring them.
If a poop accident has occurred, the parent will be called to help the child clean up and change.

Certified Healthy School Ribbon
LECC is a 2020 Certified Healthy Oklahoma School.

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