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PHS Webmasters

Annie White
Annie is a third year web design and theater arts student. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, watching movies, and attending concerts. After she graduates, Annie will attend Loyola University in New Orleans for mass communications and film.

Jeffrey Neighbors
Jeffrey is lead snare for the Pride of Pryor Marching Band and a second year yearbook staff member. He enjoys reading, writing, going on walks, and listening to music as often as he can. Jeffrey plans to attend Northeastern State University for a degree in English and University of Tulsa for law school.

Jordan Clark
Jordan has taken many AP and Honors classes throughout high school. He currently holds a job as a student janitor for the school district. In his free time, he enjoys writing and listening to music. After graduation, Jordan plans to attend Rogers State University to study criminal justice. 

Daniel Purcell
Daniel Purcell enjoys activities in school such as yearbook and web. He also enjoys doing photography outside of school and taking photos while visiting different places around the country. Daniel has visited 12 plus states including Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, and he has also visited Yellowstone National Park in Montana. Daniel would like to continue traveling around the world doing photography.

Natalie Vaughn
Natalie is in choir and the school musical every year. She also enjoys reading, writing, and photography. Her favorite school subject is English and her favorite TV show is Friends.

Brayden Bates
Brayden is in stagecraft, helping in play productions and making sets. Her favorite food is pickles and her favorite color is navy blue.  She is creative, artsy, a good friend, as some would say, bubbly. She wants to go to RSU after high school and hopefully get a photography career or own a restaurant.