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Behind the Scenes
Kobe Harry
Almost everyone, young or old, has used a website at some point in their life. In the modern age of technology, it’s nearly impossible to go through the day without getting online for something. Whether it be online shopping, reading news articles, or even finding movie showtimes, there is a website for everything. 

Pryor High School not only has a website, but what makes it so different is that it is also managed and maintained by students. Junior Annie White is the editor of this site, and she was able to give some insight as to what goes on behind the scenes of the PHS Web Design class.

Annie White is a second year Webmaster at Pryor High School. She joined Mrs. James's Web Design class as a sophomore and had no idea that she would soon become the editor in charge, but what is a Webmaster? What are their responsibilities? 

White stated that Webmasters are, “students that maintain the school’s website.” Everything from making header images, to writing journalistic articles falls under the duties of a Webmaster. White also revealed that the responsibilities in Web Design are shared among the Webmasters. “Each Webmaster is in charge of a minimum of one page,” she said. As editor, White mainly claims the Lincoln Elementary page, as well as checking every page at the end of every day to make sure nothing is out of date.

Maintaining an entire website can’t be an easy task. With over twenty subpages, it can be extremely active in Web Design. Along with great leadership, must come a struggle at some point. For White, one of these struggles was learning to use Photoshop. She says, “When I first joined web, I was expected to learn Photoshop within a couple of weeks.” 

With no prior experience with any kind of software, this task must have been difficult. Not only does the editor need to know how to use Photoshop, but every Webmaster must use it at some point in the year. Every time a news announcement gets sent to a Webmaster, they must write about it on the webpage they are in charge of, as well as create a graphic that corresponds to the news announcement.

How does learning these skills benefit a high school student in their future? Why spend a year teaching students to master the art of Photoshop if they’re going to graduate and let it all go to waste? For White, she has other thoughts. Instead of wasting these long perfected skills, she has decided that they are of use to her. In her interest of going, “into the field of movie directing and digital design” after high school, White feels that her work in Photoshop will benefit her greatly. Clearly, taking Web Design was a wise choice.

Without the use of teamwork and cooperation, it’s hard to say whether or not the website could be maintained as well as it is. The Pryor High School Webmasters do a remarkable job with keeping their site updated and functional. Web Design is a demanding, but all together beneficial class that would be great for anyone who is interested in technology.