NAVIANCE is the New Thing

    “This is the coolest thing,” said Day. This is the tool to perfect a 
planned future!

    Using a simple login and a few clicks of the finger, access to college 
and career readiness has never been easier. Within less than 25 minutes, 
Coach David Day introduced a new college and career program called 
NAVIANCE to the Pryor High School body that in turn, will help the student 
receive quick connections to ACT preparations, career analysis, and also college search engines. NAVIANCE is equipped to further PHS students in their search for a better future.

    By signing in with their school emails, students are directed to the NAVIANCE site. When using their emails, the students will be notified by counselor Day when upcoming events and trips are taking place at that college campus. Coach Day has the ability to help out the students by sending them information about the next trip to a campus as well as other helpful information, but if the students does not regularly check their emails for this information, then they will surely miss out on an experience that could change their future. It is very important for each student to sign in correctly with their school email, and to regularly update it as well. A chance of a lifetime could be within a click away.

    With the new NAVIANCE system, students have a direct entrance to an avenue of success. Tabs on the website can direct the student to college search engines in which the student can select a college, apply for that college, and send their transcripts and letters of recommendation via internet. This process is preferred over the old school mailing system that seems to take decades for universities to receive. The site also offers the student with a test taking preparation tab in which 1,285 questions are available to help raise the student’s ACT score (a standardized college admissions test). Not only is this advanced NAVIANCE system for college research, but it is also for career exploration.

    “What it comes down to is once you graduate high school, you need a job. That’s what this is all about, college and careers!” said Day. Day also explained later in the meeting that twice a week the students’ Tiger Time class--a 25 minute class in which students are able to practice leadership skills and pursue work readiness--is open for exploring the career section of NAVIANCE.

    Family Connection, as well as a personality inventory are also available on this advanced forum. Through these tabs, parents/guardians of the student get the option to view the student’s work as well as help them complete a college and career search. Personality inventory helps the student save their college and career favorites as well as their GPA and important test scores. If the students finds a certain interest in a career, 3,552 videos of different leaders who have succeeded in their interests are readily available to direct the student down the correct path. NAVIANCE is always available to each and every individual at Pryor High School, and is an excellent way to help the student’s future.