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Cafeteria Policies

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New Cafeteria Policy
All students may charge meals at school. Cafeteria charges will be limited to a maximum of
three (3) meals per child from August to May 1. Students who reach this limit will not be allowed to charge in the cafeteria. Rather than allow a child to go hungry, the school will provide a sandwich and milk. In an effort to keep a child on a regular meal program, the school will contact parents by sending a notice home with their child weekly. After May 1 of each school year, there will be no charges permitted and outstanding accounts will require payment in full.

opaa iconOPAA Menus
With the start of the new school year, the Pryor Public School's cafeterias are facing new changes. Starting soon, the PPS cafeterias will be managed by Opaa! Food Management. Opaa! will be partnering with, "Nutrislice, whose web site and free smartphone app are powering the updated Pryor Public School menus." 

Opaa! has created the Nutrislice app that contains useful features such as calorie count, fun nutrition facts, and a detailed description of each days breakfast and lunch for each campus. The app is available for free download on iTunes and Google Play.