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I wanted to provide some information regarding the upcoming bond election. As you know, next Tuesday, April 7th, our district will go out to the voters to seek passage of a bond issue that will continue to drive improvements for now and the future and provide much needed resources for our district right away! In person absentee voting begins tomorrow and Friday (April 2 & April 3) from 8 am to 6 pm on the first floor of the Mayes County Courthouse.


Some important projects that passage of this bond issue will provide for our district, students and staff:


Completion of Roosevelt Elementary (and removal of the old building site with conversion of that site back into a playground/park area) - This replaces a 60 year old elementary with a new facility that includes storm shelters

Renovation of Pryor High School - Remodel provides a new student commons/cafeteria, kitchen, library, and updates areas of heavy student use.  Also provides new secure entrance and new parking area that replaces the circle drive.

Funding for Technology that will provide replacement of all elementary labs and teacher computers, update and renovate the existing district network to accommodate current and future needs  (which are important for our 1 to 1 program). 

Provides funding for software and additional hardware updates that will remove those costs from general and building funds.

Funding for Textbooks - provides funding to purchase textbooks and supplies. Science adoption is this year and reading adoption is next year. We have not readopted textbooks over the last few years due to budget cuts. 

Funding in this area will insure that our district will be able to purchase textbooks for the next 3 to 5 years without worry about state budget cuts and will remove those costs from our general fund.

Renovation and replacement of current track facility

New Track Dressing rooms with public restrooms and concession for the track facility.

Renovation of current football dressing room at high school

Remodel of existing Washington Elementary into Administration and District Services building. Remodel of existing admin building to provide additional classrooms for either Alt Ed or Junior High. 

Updates at Football Stadium would include new parking lot on the east side of the stadium, new stadium lighting, remodel of the existing dressing areas, complete fencing, etc.

New and improved HVAC for interior hallways of Jefferson Elementary

New Chiller/HVAC and improved security entrance at Lincoln Elementary

Replace basketball floor at the high school practice gym with ADA upgrades and enhancements

Paint the Burdick Center 

Provides additional funding (to supplement existing funds) for purchase of land for a school FFA/AG farm

Funding for replacement of band instruments

HVAC upgrades to existing HS band building

Replace the roof at the JH industrial arts building and addresses HVAC issues in JH building

Provides funding for 2 buses as a part of our ongoing process of updating our fleet


The facility updates and the resources provided by this bond issue provide positive enhancements for students across our district and continues our drive toward the future. 


Please remember that a super majority is required for all school bond elections (requires 60% passage) and it is important that everyone please remember to vote!
Once again, In person absentee voting begins tomorrow and Friday (April 2 & April 3) from 8 am to 6 pm on the first floor of the Mayes County Courthouse and the election is next Tuesday, April 7th.


Please remember that if you are a registered voter and live in our school district you are eligible to vote. You do not have to live in the town of Pryor to be eligible.


Thank you for your support of our school district and our students!



Don Raleigh


Pryor Public Schools

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