Choir Leadership
President: Lacie Drewes
Vice President: Zeke Bobb
Choir Secretaries: 
Serena Gray and Chelsea Davis
Treasurer: Tegan Brown
Section Leaders:
Soprano 1 - Grace Cornett (SATB and SSA)
Soprano 1 and 2 – Jocelyn Charqueno (SATB (1) and SSA (2))
Soprano 2 – Kenlee Smith (SSA only or Alternate)
Alto – Madison Bradshaw (SATB and SSA)
Alto – Emily Freeman (SATB and SSA)
Alto – Serena Gray (Alternate)
Tenor – Eian Klock (SATB and TBB)
Tenor/Baritone – 
Taylor Bradshaw (SATB and TBB)
Baritone – Dramaine Ivy (TBB only)
Baritone/Bass – Trevor Long (SATB and TBB)
Bass – Tyler Tolman (SATB and TBB)
Choir News!

Choir Concert
Choir Concert
The Choir Fall Concert will be on October 16th @ 6:45 at the Avra Center!
See pictures from their New York trip and stay to hear some music from their concert at Carnegie Hall!

Congratulations Congratulations 
Choir had ten students who sent an audition to try and get to sing in a select ensemble week when choir is in New York. The following four students were selected to sing in that ensemble at Carnegie hall:
Rosie Wenger
Jocelyn Charqueno
Seamus Meehan
Audrey Cornett
It is a huge honor for the four students selected and is going to be something they will remember forever. Whenever you see these students be sure to congratulate them for how much they have accomplished. 

Save the Date:

October 16, 2018- Fall Concert
October 29, 2018- Halloween Party, Choir Games
October 30, 2018- JH musical "Willy Wonka"