Choir Leadership
President: Lacie Drewes
Vice President: Zeke Bobb
Choir Secretaries: 
Serena Gray and Chelsea Davis
Treasurer: Tegan Brown
Section Leaders:
Soprano 1 - Grace Cornett (SATB and SSA)
Soprano 1 and 2 – Jocelyn Charqueno (SATB (1) and SSA (2))
Soprano 2 – Kenlee Smith (SSA only or Alternate)
Alto – Madison Bradshaw (SATB and SSA)
Alto – Emily Freeman (SATB and SSA)
Alto – Serena Gray (Alternate)
Tenor – Eian Klock (SATB and TBB)
Tenor/Baritone – 
Taylor Bradshaw (SATB and TBB)
Baritone – Dramaine Ivy (TBB only)
Baritone/Bass – Trevor Long (SATB and TBB)
Bass – Tyler Tolman (SATB and TBB)
Choir News!

tulsa drillers
Jazz Choir is singing at the Tulsa Drillers
The Jazz Choir was accepted to sing the National Anthem at the Tulsa Drillers baseball game on Thursday, April 18th and starts at 7:05. Choir is needing to sell twenty tickets to the game, so they would like if you would come and support the Jazz Choir and the Drillers. Tickets are $9 each and they are only for sale until next Monday, April 1st. Get your tickets while you can!

addams family
The Addams Family the Musical
The Addams Family cast is out!
Main Cast: Wednesday Addams - Maygen Gilbo, Lucas Beineke – Pierce Wenger, Morticia Addams – Madison Bradshaw, Gomez Addams – Tyler Tolman, Alice Beineke – Kenlee Smith, Mal Beineke – Joe Ray, Grandma Addams – Brooke Miller, Pugsley Addams – Eric Chapin, Uncle Fester – Seamus Meehan, and Lurch – Zeke Bobb

Supporting Cast: Conquistador Ancestor – Jocelyn Charqueno, Caveman Ancestor – Talon Ferrell, Soldier Ancestor – Emily Freeman, Saloon Girl Ancestor – Grace Cornett, Flight Attendant Ancestor – Trinity Taylor Bride Ancestor – Serena Gray, Puritan Ancestor – Audrey Cornett, Gambler Ancestor – Taylor Bradshaw, and Judge Ancestor – Liz Dougherty    

choir ensembles
Choir Ensembles
February 16th, 2019, Choir took many solos and ensembles to district contest. All of the students worked very hard and the following students got an "Excellent" rating: 
Kenlee Smith, Emily Freeman, Alycia Yoder, Tatum Stubblefield, Dramaine Ivy, Maddie Barnes, Chelsea Davis, Trio - Elle Jacobson, Erin Ledbetter, Emily Clark, Duet - Brooke Miller and Audrey Cornett, 
Duet - Sam Keener and Kenlee Smith, and the Large Men's Ensemble

These following students received a "Superior" rating and will be advancing to State in April:
Rosie Wenger, Pierce Wenger, Elizabeth Dougherty, Taylor Bradshaw, Samantha Keener, Tegan Brown, Azul Ibarra, Talon Ferrell, 
Quartet - Lacie Drewes, Taylor Bradshaw, Talon Ferrell, Joe Ray (freshman), 
Trio - Taylor Bradshaw, Erin Ledbetter, Jocelyn Charqueno, 
Duet - Serena Gray and Tegan Brown, 
Duet - Jocelyn Charqueno and Trinity Lindsey (Taylor), 
Duet - Talon Ferrell and Emily Freeman, 
Duet - Dramaine Ivy and Azul Ibarra, 
Large Mixed Ensemble, Large Women's Ensemble, and the Jazz Ensemble.

Please congratulate these students if you see them.