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Partners in Education

Spring 2018 PAEF Grant Recipients
Perkins ACT

The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 (Perkins IV) is a principal source of federal funding to states and discretionary grantees for the improvement of secondary and postsecondary career and technical education programs across the nation. The purpose of the Act is to develop more fully the academic, career, and technical skills of secondary and postsecondary students who elect to enroll in career and technical education programs.

The Johnson-O'Malley Program is authorized by the Johnson-O'Malley Act of 1934. As amended,this Act authorizes contracts for the education of eligible Indian students enrolled in public schools and previously private schools. 
The Leader in Me teaches 21st century leadership and life skills to students and creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child can be a leader. See Questions and Answers about The Leader in Me. 
A third-party, non-profit, charitable organization, the PAEF was formed for the purpose of collecting and distributing contributions from individuals, businesses, and organizations for the benefit of students in the Pryor Public School District. 

Pryor Creek
The City of Pryor Creek, OK, the seat of Mayes County, is a town of approximately 9,539 
interesting and diverse people. SchoolWay is a faster, more reliable messaging option for safe, one-way school communication on mobile devices. With SchoolWay, Jostens continues to demonstrate its commitment to serving schools, parents, and students since 1897.

pryor public library icon

The Pryor Public Library works closely with Pryor Public Schools to ensure that students, as well as citizens in Pryor, have a safe and comfortable place to learn and read. 

Monica Moore
Hands-on Creative STEM Exploration for $11,372.00 All 3rd – 6th Grades
This grant will allow our elementary STEM lab teachers to purchase materials that are geared toward all age level learners with the purchase of OSMO Creative Kits and iPads. Our older materials are geared toward the 4th – 6th grade learners only.
Creating a Spark for STEM for $3,959.98 All grades 4 th through 6th
This grant will equip two elementary STEM labs with the latest in robotics technology designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and invention through connected play and coding. Each classroom will be equipped with a class set of Sphero SPRK+ robots.

Roosevelt Elementary
april turner
mandy douglas

April Turner and Mandy Douglas
Math My Way for $1,105.90
We use math in our everyday lives. Our kindergarten students need a strong understanding of the math standards that are set by the State Department of Education. The resources in this project will provide our students with hands-on, age appropriate, and fun math materials that meets many of our math standards.

heather trout
april turner
mandy douglas
kim holcroft
tina ivey
rebeca cowan

Heather Trout, April Turner, Mandy Douglas, Kim Holcroft, Tina Ivey, and Rebecca Cowan
Beyond the Screen for $1,316.70
OSMO gives learners exposure to technology, while also allowing them to experience hands-on learning. The games incorporate art, creative problem solving, as well as STEM. This attachment allows the iPad games to extend beyond the screen and into the hands of our learners.

kim holcroft
rebecca cowan
tina ivey

Kim Holcroft, Rebecca Cowan, Tina Ivey
Little Artist for $695.85
Students will explore various media while increasing their motor, creative, and inquiry skills. They will develop hand-eye coordination, large arm movements, cause and effect, and self-expression through the exploration of art.
Eyes and Ears and Hands Too! for $1,586.88
Students will increase their small and large motor movements while exploring various manipulatives. They will sort and pattern while performing small muscle activities with their hands, as well as building and creating, using large arm movements.

Jefferson Elementary
lesa wolfe
Lesa Wolfe
Growing Mathemeticians for $1,080.00
MathSeeds is an online Math database designed to peek the interest of young learners. It is a comprehensive, blended mathematics program created specifically for the needs of early Math learners in grades Pre-K through 2nd grade.
EGGcellent Readers for $1,790.00
Reading Eggs is an online program designed to accelerate reading skills and instill a love for reading. Each learner’s progress is rewarded as he/she masters important reading components. Teachers can track each student’s progress and adjust assignments accordingly.

erin king
chlorena anderson

Erin King and Chlorena Anderson
Ozobots are Out of this World! for $1,468.47
This grant funds a set of Ozobot Bits and activities. An Ozobot Bit is a small robot that reads marker lines and codes to follow pathways and do tricks. They are rechargeable and can be used in multiple subject areas. Ozobots are an amazing hands-on tool that encourages teamwork and problem solving.
STEAM LAB ALERT! for $1,544.50
This grant will fund classroom supplies for student STEM projects: LEGOS, K’Nex, Teacher Pay Teacher activities, and many other versatile materials to help tap into the students’ creative genius abilities. Students will be given a STEM task with certain perimeters and will have to create a project by thinking outside the box and following their own plans.
Anchor Charts Away! for $318.44
Anchor Charts Away is a year long project using classroom anchor charts to build student knowledge in all subject areas. The charts are made as a class and are used for classroom discussions. Students interact with the charts during class lessons and use the charts as reference points while
working independently.
Recovery Corner for $271.38
Recover Corner will provide a quiet and tranquil place for our individual learners to go to calm themselves down from a meltdown or stressful experience, or rest when they are not feeling well. This experience will include noise canceling head phones, stress balls, calming stuffed animals, and books that will help the learners connect with their emotions and help them self-regulate.

chlorena anderson
Chlorena Anderson
Alternative Lighting for $376.41
This grant will provide a comfortable environment for all learners by replacing harsh fluorescent lighting with light filters, floor lamps, string lights, and desk lamps.

Lincoln Elementary
cassandra crittenden
Cassandra Crittenden
Reading Takes Us Around the World for $412.00
These sets of engaging novels will help keep the learners engaged in reading and to develop a desire to read. We are going to start with book clubs within the classroom so that the students may read and discuss books that are interesting to them.

katie moore
Katy Moore
Bridging the Gaps in Literacy for $1,345.95
This grant will fund comprehension, vocabulary, writing, phonics, and phonemic awareness practice materials and activities for my learners. The literacy practice materials and activities will be used to reinforce the literacy strategies taught, in my classroom and/or my learners’ homeroom,
creating critical thinking, expanding vocabulary and writing skills, along with providing a foundation with phonics and phonemic awareness skills, all through differentiated instruction.

Lincoln Early Childhood Center
angela wagner
jillian willyard

Angela Wagner and Jillian Willyard
We Are Authors for $880.00
Students will work together to write and illustrate a book to be published. The students will go through the steps to have a book published; such as coming up with the topic, writing and editing their work, and illustrating the pictures. Students will also get to take home a copy of their class book to

angela wagner
Angela Wagner
Working in Flex Groups for $673.77
These items will be used throughout the year in small groups and centers. Students will use these items to practice and reinforce math and literacy concepts. Students will be placed into groups to work on concepts such as number recognition, number concepts, comparing numbers, addition, letter recognition, letter sounds and syllables.

Pryor Junior High
jessica henry
Jessica Henry
Hands-On Equations for $250.00
Hands-On Equations is a manipulative based program that provides visual and tactile strategies for gaining a deeper level of knowledge in multistep math equations. This program is perfect for students with learning disabilities to help them excel in math.

jeanine clark
Jeanine Clark
Are Your Hands Clean? for $260.70
Hand washing is the single most important way to prevent the spread of infection. It seems like common sense, right? Just wash your hands and you can avoid moving germs from one place to another and help keep others from getting sick. The Glo Germ products will show students how
successfully they have cleaned their hands!

Pryor High School
pam devers
Pam Devers
T.angible O.bjects Y.ielding S.cience for $1,161.03
This grant provides a variety of materials to aid in both visually and tactically teaching different science topics and concepts. Items such as a spark timer, human dynamics cart, Euler’s disk, electroscope, and many more will inspire learning and retaining of concepts.

Sharon Rash
Sharon Rash
Baby Lock Presto 2 Sewing Machines for $5,400.00
These machines will assist in the education process of teaching my learners the art of sewing and the benefits it can bring to their futures. Sewing can offer our learners financial gain, financial savings, entrepreneurship opportunities, hobbies, critical thinking, home decorating, career opportunities, relaxation and so much more. This is a curriculum course in Family & Consumer Sciences.

beatrice roberson

Sharon Rash and Beatrice Roberson
Digital Die-Cut System for $4,620.00
This digital die-cut system will guide our learners into the field of die-cuts. Learners will be able to design word walls, T-shirt transparencies, as well as letters, numbers, and shapes. Learners will be able to provide this service to other teachers and organizations within the school system.