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Ethan Minton
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Special Olympics
Special Olympics
special olympics
Tiger Gold Team
The Tigers Gold Team was asked March, 9th, 2019 to represent Specaial Olympics Oklahoma at the 5A, 6A State Championships at the ORU Maybee Center and played during halftime of the 5A Boys Championship game.

ST        STS         MSTS              EMSTS        STB         MSTA
Photo one(top): High school relay team took gold/ pictured: Mason Jones and Ethan Minton

Photo two(top): Ethan Minton took gold in 50 meter freestyle and 50 meter butterfly

Photo three(top): Mason Jones took gold in 50 meter backstroke and 5th in 50 meter freestyle

Photo four(top): Dramaine Ivy took gold in both of his swimming events 

Photo five(bottom): High School Basketball Team Blue took home the silver metal / Pictured: Travis Compassi and Nicky Castelanos

Photo six(bottom): High School Basketball Team Gold took home the old metal / Pictured: Mason Jones, Dramaine Ivy, Ethan Minton, and Jacob Jones

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