Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 23 credits will be required for graduation.

These credits shall include:

English - 4 credits - These must include English 1, 2, 3 & 4. Honors English, Advanced Placement English, Pre-AP English, and Contextual English may be substituted as a requirement.

Math - 3 credits - These must include Algebra I.

Science - 3 credits - These must include Biology I.

Social Studies - 3 credits - American History - 1 credit, Government - 0.5 credit, Oklahoma History - 0.5 credit.

Elective Courses - 10 credits

Please Note - No more that 2 credits may be submitted from physical education or athletic classes toward the 23 credits required for graduation. No more that 4 credits of performance music classes may be applied toward the 23 credits required for graduation. At least 2 of the last 3 credits completed for graduation must be completed while in attendance at PHS.

Students must pass 4 of the 7 End of Intruction tests in order to graduate. They must pass the Algebra I and English II tests.

Students must show competency in Fine Arts and Personal Financial Literacy.

Students who lack more than one credit to complete requirements necessary for graduation, shall not be permitted to participate in graduation exercises.