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Pryor Social Media
Pryor Schools now has social media! Thanks to Mr. Head at the Pryor High School helpful district communications will be available to students and parents on popular social media sites. Follow Pryor Schools on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the username @PryorSchools. Click here for more information on Pryor School's new social media addition. press release

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Drive a Bus, Support the Tigers
Pryor Public Schools is seeking bus drivers to join the transportation team.  Interested applicants can learn more about this opportunity by visiting the Employment page. 


School Resource Officers
By Jeffrey Neighbors
For the 2018-2019 school year, Pryor Public Schools has increased priority on ensuring the safety and security of
its students by employing full-time School Resource Officers (SRO). Students will see officers Tommy Parker (Pryor High School and Alternative Education SRO), Johnnie Jenkins (Pryor Junior High SRO), and Justin Couch (elementary SRO) when they are at school.

Parker wants the students and staff to know that he is at the high school to ensure safety of the students. Parker considers himself a "normal guy" whom the students can approach "about anything." Students will be able to find Parker in the front office of the high school or making his rounds through the hallways throughout the day.

Parker said he believes this new position “is a great opportunity to build relationships with students and their parents in a positive manner. I want to help bridge that gap between law enforcement and our students.”

Anatomage Table

By Jeffrey Neighbors and Annie White

Thanks to Google and the Pryor Public School Board, PHS students now have a whole new opportunity to learn about anatomy of human and animal bodies. Most high school students have either seen or performed a dissection in their science class, be it a frog, worm, or pig.

deversHowever, not many students can say they have dissected a human cadaver.

Cadaver dissection, virtual that is, will soon be available due to Google's partnership with the Pryor School Board making the purchase of the $80,000 Anatomage Table possible. According to Anatomage Inc., the equipment is the most technologically advanced virtual dissection table and is used at the most prestigious medical institutions in the world.

Honors anatomy and physiology teacher Victor Holleyman stated that the Anatomage Table features include images of two male and one female cadaver, as well as over 350 animal specimens such as an alligator, python, and dachshund. The table not only allows students to perform dissections, but students will also be able to view entire body systems, observe pathologies, and engage in surgeries. Viewing MRI and CT scans, in addition to sonograms also falls under the capabilities of the table.

The table is available for use by all members of the science department but will be most frequently used by Biology I, Biology II, Zoology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Holleyman said that, “As far as human anatomy goes, it’s amazing.” He went on to explain that although this new technology is incredibly useful for dissection and anatomy related material in the classroom, it is certainly not a replacement for physical dissections. Pryor students will still engage in hands-on dissections.  

Biology teacher Aimee McKinzie added, “Pryor High School is extremely fortunate to have an item such as the table, especially since neither Rogers State or Northeastern State University owns one.”

Blue and Gold Tiger Graphic
Tiger Pride After School Program

The commencement of the 2018-2019 Tiger Pride after school program is right around the corner for 3rd-6th graders wanting to be involved in exciting clubs.

Starting in September, learners will be bussed from their elementary on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays to the club site from 3:30 - 5:30. A healthy snack and assistance with homework will be provided for students, as well as being able to join the club of their choosing.

Go here for additional information

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OPAA Menus
With the start of the new school year, the Pryor Public School's cafeterias are facing new changes. Starting soon, the PPS cafeterias will be managed by Opaa! Food Management. Opaa! will be partnering with, "Nutrislice, whose web site and free smartphone app are powering the updated Pryor Public School menus." 

Opaa! has created the Nutrislice app that contains useful features such as calorie count, fun nutrition facts, and a detailed description of each days breakfast and lunch for each campus. The app is available for free download on iTunes and Google Play. 

A new policy has been added regarding cafeteria charging. To read more about this policy, click here.