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mlk day
No School
There will be no classes on Monday, January 21st in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Classes will resume on Tuesday, January 22nd.

Jeffrey NeighborsNew Commons Construction Complete
By Jeffrey Neighbors
After numerous delays and unforeseen events, construction for Pryor High School’s new commons area and cafeteria was completed in January of 2019. The majority of students and faculty were impressed by the brand new architecture before them. It seemed that the consensus amongst students and faculty at PHS was overwhelmingly positive.

Students across all grade levels had great things to say about their new facilities.

Sophomore Audrey Cornett stated, “It’s very nice. It’s elegant and a good environment to be in.”

Junior Daniel Purcell said, “It’s pretty cool. It looks like somewhere you’d go out to eat instead of just a cafeteria.”

Senior Cainan Fair exclaimed, “I love the commons area, it’s great!”

Construction may be done in the new commons, but there are still some changes taking place within the area. There will be three televisions placed on the wall for students to watch during breakfast and lunch. In addition to the new TVs, there is also another lunch line of a la carte items with prices ranging from fifty cents to two dollars. Students are still allowed to sit in the old commons during lunch but are not allowed to take lunches out of the cafeteria.

While construction at PHS is far from complete, a great step has been completed. The former cafeteria is currently being used as a “quiet commons” for students needing a location to read, study, or do homework undisturbed. The old commons will eventually be enveloped by the new additions to the library and no longer exist. 

Principal Brad Bates added, “It’s a nice facility for the students to look forward to and continue to use.”

beverlee caraway
2019 Superintendent's Student Advisory Council
Congratulations to Beverlee Caraway, who is one of 74 Oklahoma high school students to be named as a part of Joy Hofmeister's 2019 Student Advisory Council. Hofmeister, the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, has chosen high school students to assist her in matters of policy for the past four consecutive years. 

“These are among Oklahoma’s best and brightest high school leaders, and we look forward to learning more about the student perspective on matters of school policy,” said Hofmeister.

Caraway is Pryor's only student to hold a spot on the council this year.

Dr. Raleigh recaps first semester and announces plans for the upcoming year

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