Swan Lake First Nations Field Trip Day

Post date: Jun 10, 2016 9:18:13 PM

The students' and staff's knowledge about Aboriginal history and lifestyle was broadened with today's field trip to the Swan Lake First Nations. Mr. Soldier was overjoyed to have a nearby community interested in touring their community! We toured and explored the campgrounds and lake, watched and danced with Traditional Powwow Dancers of all ages, visited their school facilities, sat inside a Teepee, and last but not least, enjoyed a play in the splash park.

Several students quoted "This is the best field trip ever!"

Any one looking for a nearby and informational field trip with their schools should definitely contact SLFN!

Ste. Marie School with Traditional Powwow Dancers at the SLFN Campgrounds.

Ste. Marie School with Mr. Soldier and an Elder at a Teepee set up beside the Health Care Facilities at SLFN.

Ste. Marie students enjoying the weather and the only three year old splash park at SLFN.