School Information

School Priorities

LiteracyStudents will utilize reading strategies to make meaning of a variety of texts. All students will use reading strategies to improve reading comprehension.

Students will learn and apply a variety of strategies

Students will engage in a minimum of 30 minutes SSR daily

Teachers will use and teach Reading Apprenticeship strategies through all content areas

Teachers will use Observational Survey, Fountas and Pinnell, and RAD

NumeracyStudents will have a quick recall of basic facts and be able to verbalize the strategy being used.Students will practice a variety of mental math strategies

Student EngagementStudents will have explored all themes in our MakerSpaceStudents will demonstrate learning and understandings of curricular outcomes using multiple types of media

Students will demonstrate risk-taking and problem solving abilities when tackling projects

Educational   Sustainable DevelopmentThe school will reduce the amount of landfill thrown away daily.Students and teachers will recycle, compost, use litter less lunches, reusable water bottles, and conserve paper daily

Students take action in waste minimization

Students will lead school wide recycling program

Students are aware of their responsibilities for the environment

Teri Young,
May 31, 2016, 8:23 PM