What is YOUR Perspective?

Post date: Oct 12, 2017 1:41:19 PM

The Grades 1-3 learn to draw one-point perspective.

In art, our focus has been on "perspective" - the way to make painting, and drawing look natural and realistic. Learning about perspective in art, coincides with our math focus, geometry. Not only are the 1-3's learning how to draw one-point perspective landscapes, the students are also learning about drawing and identifying 2D, and 3D shapes!

The students have enjoyed learning new techniques, and have been noticed applying these techniques in their daily work, either in cross-curricular activities, or their own independent drawing!

This one-point perspective example was done by the whole school as an art activity for Terry Fox Day. With this activity, the students did a writing about who each of their heroes are. These heroes we a combination of fictional characters, and nonfictional characters.

The Kindergartner's write and draw who their hero is.

The Grades 1-3 learn to draw one-point perspective.