Post date: Jun 19, 2018 9:04:35 PM

Our meditations lately have revolved around self-care and self-love. With the "go, go, go" to get through these next few weeks of school, the students (and myself!) are beginning to feel the pressure to finish up work and projects, and we often forget to take time to just breathe. Before we do our self-care meditations, we reflect on why self-care and self-love is important, and then after the meditation, we reflect on ways that we have shown self-care and self-love to ourselves in that day, or how we will show self-care and self-love to ourselves later on in the evening.

The students responses are heartfelt, honest, and inspiring!

It is difficult to choose student Meditation Reflections to post on our class website. The students are all very proud of their reflections, and enjoy sharing their thoughts, feelings, and questions surrounding their meditation experiences with the class. I always ask the students permission before I post their responses as we know that they are personal thoughts that sometimes are more comfortable kept within.

Here are a few student examples of their Meditation Responses from this weeks Lesson on Self-Care. Click on the image to make the photo bigger.