Happy Meditating Everyone!

Post date: Sep 18, 2017 9:42:12 PM

After our first day getting back into meditation, it is clear to see that everyone had been missing these moments of being present in our lives.

The kindergartners have joined us in our meditating ritual as well! On kindergarten days, we meditate for a shorter amount of time (1-2 minutes to begin), which feels quite short for the rest of us who have been meditating for longer periods of time (we are up to 7 minutes!).

The kindergartners respond to the meditation by drawing pictures of how they feel after their meditation.

The grade 1 - 3's respond to the meditation by writing words, and sentences of how they feel, what they thought, after their meditation.

We use the iPhone Application "Smiling Mind" for our daily meditations. If you wish to practice at home, you can download the app, or click on "Smiling Mind" to go to the website!

Happy Meditating!