Characteristics of Living Organisms

Post date: Sep 28, 2017 7:00:37 PM

In our first Science Cluster we have been learning about the Characteristics of Living Organisms (we decided as a whole that we were old enough to say organisms rather than "things"). This project was multi-curricular - covering ELA, Art, Math, and Science outcomes all in one! First, the students were learning about shapes, and then practiced using these shapes to draw an animal of their choice. From there, they were to research the four characteristics of all living organisms (they all need food to survive, they all reproduce, they all grow, and they all die). After their research, they were to use what they found in sentences, and then type them up on the computer. The next step was to draw our animal onto a puzzle and paint it! Finally, we made an origami box to store our puzzle and facts.

Math: Geometry (drawing shapes, and using a ruler)

ELA: conducting research on animal of choice, writing notes, and then turning these notes into complete sentences

Science: Characteristics of Living Organisms

Art: Drawing & painting techniques