Distance Learning

PSSD recognizes the need for alternative means of course delivery. When courses are not available in the student's home school, there are several Distance Education options available:


1. Interactive Instructional Television or IITV

Our nine high schools each have a classroom setup with cameras and televisions that allow for full 2-way interaction between the teacher hosting the course and up to 3 other schools. This means that the teacher and students can see and hear each other at all times.

Don't hesitate to contact your local school to visit this special classroom and ask for a demonstration or for a chance to sit in a live IITV class.

2. Web-based or online

There are many courses available within Prairie Spirit School Division.  Contact your local school for course availability.  To see a full list of courses from others school divisions that are available to all Manitoba schools (with teachers staffed to teach via the web), click here for list of courses…

Site to logon

Site to logon to new Blackboard courses
Blackboard help for students

Site for teachers to request WBC

Main site for Distance Learning in Manitoba.

3. Independent Study Option or ISO.

Courses taken using one of these options, offer a way for students to get high school credits that would not normally be offered to them within their school.

Taking a course through the Independent Study Option (correspondence courses) has the least interaction with a teacher. This would be the last option for students since IITV and Web-based Courses are much better methods. More…

Guidelines for Student Success taking Distance Education Courses

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