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PSSD School Bus Garage Aerial View

Solar Energy Installation at PSSD Bus Garage

Installation of solar panel system scheduled for Summer of 2018

RESULTS: Will eliminate the cost of hydro at our bus garage and reduce our carbon footprint by 77.4 metric tons annually

2018/19 Budget Cuts: PSSD budget was reduced by $386,500.  
Some of the more significant changes that were made were:  
  1. Elimination of some lead numeracy and literacy teacher time 
  2. Elimination of the Japan Science and Social Studies program 
  3. Amalgamation of one bus route
  4. Reductions across all departments in many different budget lines 
  5. Reduction in support for planned Industrial Arts/Home Ec Divisional plan 
  6. Reduction in support for planned increase in Occupational Therapy Services 
  7. Elimination of the windows replacement program. 
 Any future budget cuts will significantly reduce the services to students.
Local Jobs
Prairie Spirit School Division is one of the largest employers in our rural communities employing over 373 local people.

Colony Blended Delivery
18 courses taught by 2.12 FTE teachers in 2018/19 to 91 students at 11 colony schools
RESULTS: Able to offer courses to smaller school locations in an effective and high-quality manner.
What can you do to support local rural Education in Manitoba?

- Call the Minister of Education or you Local MLA to respectively talk about how important local education is in rural Manitoba:

Kelvin Goertzen, Minister of Education (Phone: 204-945-3720 or

Cliff Cullen, MLA for Spruce Woods (Phone: 204-827-3956 or

Blaine Pederson, MLA for Midland (Phone: 204-745-2203 or


PSSD has 50 bus routes that combined travel over 1,541,196 km each year.

PSSD has 491,955 square feet of school space maintained in it's 15 public buildings.