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School Credit Information

School Credit Information for Parents


Course Identification / Graduation Requirements

High School Academic Requirements / Regular High School Requirements

Course Identification

It will be noted that all courses in the course description for Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, and Grade 12 are numbered in three characters, as specified by Manitoba Education & Training

1st Character: 30S

  • 1 for courses developed for Grade 9
  • 2 for courses developed for Grade 10
  • 3 for courses developed for Grade 11
  • 4 for courses developed for Grade 12

2nd character: 30S

  • 0 developed or approved by Manitoba Education and Training for 1 credit
  • 1 developed by school or division (includes Student Initiated Course (SIC))
  • 2 developed elsewhere, such as university, out of province, and out-of- country
  • 5 developed or approved by Manitoba Education and Training for .5 credit

3rd character 30S

  • F Foundation = educational experiences which are broadly based and appropriate for all students and which may lead to further studies beyond the senior years (e.g. apprenticeship, college, and university)
  • G General = general educational experiences for all students
  • S Specialized = learning experiences and appropriate skills leading to further studies at the post-secondary level
  • A Advanced = academically challenging courses which go beyond the curriculum expectations for general and specialized courses and which are either developed or approved by the department
  • M Modified = courses for which the curriculum has been modified to take into account the capabilities of students with special needs
  • I Individualized = educational experiences intended for students with significant cognitive disabilities and that are developmentally and age appropriate and a highly individualized to take into account the learning requirements of the student.
As an example, Physics 30S is a course intended for Grade 11 students, developed by Manitoba Education and Training, which contains experiences and skills designed to prepare students for a post-secondary program.
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