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PSSD Accessibility Plan


Prairie Spirit School Division Accessibility Plan 

Part 1. Baseline Report


Overview of Programs and Services

Provide a general description of your organization’s programs and services, emphasizing those targeting the public.

The Prairie Spirit School Division (PSSD) serves students in the rural communities of Baldur, Bruxelles, Cartwright, Crystal City, Glenboro, Holland, Manitou, Pilot Mound, Swan Lake, Somerset, St. Claude, and Treherne. With a population of approximately 2000 students, our 29 schools offer a wide variety of programs and activities.

PSSD is committed to providing quality educational programs and opportunities for its community of learners. PSSD is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment to support and enable learners to develop the knowledge, skills and values to reach their full potential.

As a part of the school environment, public access the schools for events such as Open House, Christmas concerts, Awards, and Parent Teacher Conferences.

The Community programs offered for the public include fitness facilities open throughout the school year.

The schools are an integral part of the communities, with public groups accessing school facilities in the evenings.


Accessibility Achievements

Summarize the steps already taken by the organization to achieve accessibility. What, if any policies, promote accessibility of your organization by the public and by staff affected by accessibility barriers?

PSSD has a commitment to creating a safe and inclusive environment which includes looking at all projects and programs to identify any barriers they might create and working to overcome those barriers before the project begins.


PSSD is promoting accessibility through our Vision, Environment, Respect for Human Diversity, Facilities Planning, Field Trips/Outdoor Education, Communication Intermediaries and Inclusive Education.

PSSD is committed to ensure no person is Isolated, Vulnerable or has Limited Opportunity because of their disability.


Barriers to Accessibility

List barriers Manitobans may face in accessing your programs, facilities and services. Highlight those that are most significant to your organizational mandate and to the public. What organizational policies may inadvertently create barriers? Are there any temporary barriers which may be created by renovations or computer software upgrades that could create accessibility barriers?

After performing an initial assessment of accessibility of all buildings, several areas and items were identified. The upgrade of aging facilities and buildings to meet accessibility standards will be challenging and costly. Other barriers include communication/website, space, and attitudes. Time will be another barrier with a definite link to cost. It may be challenging to ensure we don’t create a barrier for one while removing a barrier for another.


Part 2. Accessibility Plan


A.   Statement of Commitment

Prairie Spirit School Division is committed to moving toward equal access and participation for people with disabilities. We are committed to treating people with disabilities in ways that allow them to maintain their dignity and independence. We believe in inclusion. We are committed to meeting the needs of people who face accessibility barriers. We will do this by identifying, removing and preventing barriers and by creating the requirements of the Accessibility for Manitobans Act (AMA)


B.    Policies

a.   Prairie Spirit School Division’s Superintendent will review all programs, services and new initiatives to work toward accessibility.

b.   Prairie Spirit School Division will make information available in an accessible format or provide communication supports to people with disabilities in a way that considers their disability.


        C.   Actions


Action 1 Establish Accessibility Working Group



· Management to establish an accessibility working group

· Meet on a regular basis to review initiatives working toward accessibility

Expected Outcomes

· A group working to assess the needs of each community which consists of representation from the division to prioritize the removal of barriers.

· Management has detailed work plans, multi-year timelines.

· Management participate in developing implementing updating the Accessibility Plan.



Action 2 Offer and provide information in an accessible format on request


· Management to develop a process for responding to request for accessible supports and services

· Superintendent to communicate process to all staff

· Moving toward improving communication required

Expected Outcomes

· Working toward advertising the -availability of alternate formats.

All new Documents shall include an active offer for the availability of alternative formats.


Action 3 Staff Awareness and Training upon Board Approval


· Administration to confirm PSSD commitment to accessibility in writing

· Management to offer accessibility awareness presentations to divisional staff

· Management to acknowledge accessibility achievements and share information with staff in organization newsletters and staff meetings.

Expected Outcomes

· Accessibility will be considered when Prairie Spirit School Division plans future programs and services.

· Upon approval of the Board of Trustees, accessibility plan will be shared with Admin Council, who will share with their staffs

· Staff understands accessibility and supports implementation of the plan.

· Information on progress of implementation of Prairie Spirit School Division’s Accessibility Plan is available to staff

· Accessibility issues that arise will be forwarded to Student Services Administrator.


Action 4 Monitor Progress


· Accessibility coordinator, with assistance of working group, to track progress on challenges, and requests for accommodations with budgetary implications

· Accessibility coordinator to report annually to the Board of Trustees

· Future plans and budgets to be integrated into operational plans

Expected Outcomes

· Senior administration and the Board of Trustees are aware of progress on AMA compliance and considers future plans.

· Annual report includes progress on accessibility.



· Accessibility committee will review plan annually


Contact: pssd@prspirit.org