Further Updates

posted Jan 30, 2019, 2:11 PM by Prairie Spirit Webmaster
Hi All,

Here is the exam plan now:

Thursday Exams:
Gr 9 Social Studies
Gr 10 Geog
Gr 11 Chem
Gr 12 Bio

Monday Exams:
Gr 10 Essential
Gr 12 Chem

Semester Two will start on TUESDAY.  This means no regular classes on Monday for any students.  (Most optional classes in S2 are combined grades and it would be difficult to start without all grades available.)

*Credit Recovery - Students that were asked to come in and catch up on work or do extra work are expected ALL DAY Thursday and Monday as a way to recover their credits. Parents please ensure this occurs - if you have questions please email the teacher.

Report Cards - will be mailed home by the end of the week (instead of mailing Monday).

Stay warm!

Cheryl Mangin
Prairie Mountain High School
Somerset, MB

 01/30/19, 12:54:27 PM