Exam updates

posted Jan 30, 2019, 4:17 AM by Prairie Spirit Webmaster

Good Morning Parents,

Although there are some necessary changes to the exam timetable with Tuesday's closure, the Grade 9s will write their Social Studies exam Wednesday as planned.

However, Wednesday the Grade 10s will write their Essential Math 10 Exam.
The Grade 11s will write their Chemistry Exam and the Grade 12s will write their Chemistry Exam - all on Wednesday (instead of Tuesday).  This will also allow both Ms. K and Mr. Ritchie to be present while their exam is being written.  They are marking Math Provincial Exams on Thursday.

*The Biology 12 Exam is being pushed to Thursday to avoid student conflicts.  They will join the Grade 10s writing Geo, as scheduled.

For students scheduled to stay to complete late assignments it will be imperative that they stay at school all day tomorrow and Thursday to earn those credits.  Parents please reinforce this with your student!

Should schools be closed tomorrow, our plan will be adjusted and communicated as efficiently as possible.  One possibility is to include Monday Feb 4th as a day to write exams and start Semester 2 on Tuesday.  I will need to consult with the Division Office first.

Please let me know if I have missed anything important.  Stay warm!

Cheryl Mangin
Prairie Mountain High School
Somerset, MB

01/29/19, 10:24:19 AM