The community of Badger Creek first built their school in 1882. In 1882 it became necessary to build a school house at once. On February 25, 1882 in the home of John Waldie there was a meeting to elect the trustees and auditors and to determine the school site.

It was decided that the school house was to be built as speedily as possible.

The school was built of logs, 20' by 16' with a door in the east and two windows on either side, north and south. The desks were to run parallel to the side walls and the roof was to be shingled. Extra habitants volunteered to provide logs for the sides and rafters. The secretary was instructed to obtain the necessary nails and shingles, 2000' of elm, poplar lumber and 200' of pine for the desks and forms.

On May 18, 1882 a work bee was held to raise the walls of the school. The door was to be in the east end. Window and door cases were to be made out of pine lumber, the floor of oak, and the stretchers well blocked in the center.

In 1888 the town of Cartwright moved south about 1 ½-2 miles. On June 16, 1888 a ratepayer's meeting decided against moving the old school and instead approved a plan to build a new school. The school was built on the present site of the Elementary School and it was completed on November 22, 1888. There were three windows in each side with a black board on the west wall.

In April of 1896 there was a meeting to decide to enlarge the school or to build another school. The inspector Mr. Rose was present with the plans that had been used for schools in Melita, Hartney, Souris, and Carberry. It was decided at once to build a new school out of stone not to exceed $3,000.

Just shortly after 10:00 A.M. Monday morning February 13, 1950 a fire started in the corner under two primary rooms. One of the high school boys sent to the nearest phone while the senior students informed everyone that there was a "Slight Fire".

They dressed the primary children for outdoors and sent them home. Great credit is due to the teachers and the older pupils for caring for the little ones. By 11:30 A.M. only the brick walls and chimney were left.

When the New School was getting built the school was being held all around town.

The present school ribbon cutting was done by little Ellen Cuthbertson with Dr. McFarlane.

Cartwright School decided to add on to the Elementary School because the population in the school skyrocketed. The High School end was built in 1962 and in 1971, the gym was added between the elementary school and the high school. It was finished in September of 1971 but was not opened in till December of 1971. In 1978 the ramp from the north of the gym to the principals office was added.

In April of 2006 we had to be evacuated from the elementary due to health regulations.

In 2006 and 2007 the school huts moved in for temporary classrooms.