Resource, Counselling, and Guidance Services

Resource Services 
Through the resource program, Ms. Einarson provides a supportive 
service to classroom teachers, administrators and parents in meeting 
the individual needs of students. This is accomplished through a 
model of consultation and collaboration which uses a team approach 
to planning, implementation and evaluation. 
The resource program is to enable children with learning difficulties to receive assistance so 
they can progress personally, socially and educationally. 
Please contact Ms. Einarson at 535-2314 if you have an questions. 

Counselling & Guidance Services
School counselling is concerned with understanding the individual student and with helping the student better understand him/herself, his/her opportunities and his/her social responsibilities. The guidance program provides experiences likely to stimulate and assist all students to develop, largely through their own efforts, their potential to its fullest.
Students are encouraged to seek assistance with:
􀀷 Course Selection 
􀀷 Post-Secondary Planning 
􀀷 Career Exploration 
􀀷 Personal/Social Problems 
Through the administration of interest and aptitude tests, attendance at career symposium or guest speaker presentations and the opportunity for job shadowing experiences, students’ needs are provided for in assisting them with course selection, career information and post-secondary planning.
The school counsellor’s role is to provide a safe setting to explore feelings, examine information and consider options.
Discussions with the school counsellor are confidential. The exceptions to this are:
  • If there is potential for harm to self or others
  • If there is disclosure of abuse
  • If the counsellor needs to consult with
  • another professional to best meet student needs
  • If information is requested by legal authorities
Please feel free to contact Mr. Kirk at 535-2314 if you require assistance or have any questions.