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Tech Tip #2

posted Feb 10, 2015, 11:04 AM by Vivian McKnight

Taming the Bookmarks Bar (Favorites) in your browser -The Bookmarks Bar can be very handy for the websites you go to all the time.  The bookmarks bar is directly below the address bar in your browser. (Address Bar: the box where you type in the www.prsd.k12.ca.us).  First of all you will need to make sure it is showing.   We set all the Macbooks to show the bookmarks (favorites) bar.

1. Chrome: View Menu > Always show bookmarks bar

2. Firefox: View Menu > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar

3. Safari: View Menu > Show Favorites Bar

There are three things you can do. Add, delete and edit an address on the toolbar. Make sure the toolbar is showing.

1. Adding to the toolbar: Drag the icon that is just to the left of the http address in the address bar to the toolbar.

2. Deleting from the toolbar: Right click on the icon in the toolbar that you want to delete, drag to delete. (Think, I am a primary teacher, I do not need Datawise there….)

3. Editing a name in the Toolbar: Right click on the icon in the toolbar that you want to edit, drag to edit in Chrome (properties in Firefox, Rename Bookmark  in Safari). (Think, shorten names so you can fit more on the toolbar - PowerTeacher = PT)