Super Quiz Add-on

I'm very excited that Super Quiz will now be available as an 'Add-on' in the new Google Sheets. To install it, simply click 'Add-ons' > 'Get add-ons...' > 'Super Quiz'.

Here is a full video guide of how to set-up, install and run: 

Super Quiz enables you to add a whole host of functionality to a Google Form quiz with very little input required. A check-list is provided when you run the add-on but here is a guide to getting set up.

Create a Google Form. 

Ensure that the first three questions (used to identify students and sort data) collect:
    1. Email
    2. Name
    3. Teacher
The following questions should then be the questions that you want graded. You can split them in up to 4 distinct topics if you'd like.


Fill out the Form with the correct answers.

This lets the spreadsheet know how to grade the responses. Multiple choice, check-box, single word or numerical responses work best with Super Quiz.

Install/run the Super Quiz Add-on (found in the Add-on menu). 

Set up the spreadsheet to collect the data (this may be automatically done for you).

The first four columns in the spreadsheet are crucial and in this order
    1. 'Timestamp'
    2. Email' (or username if Google Apps), 
    3. 'Name', 
    4. 'Teacher'
You can rearrange any of the columns here by dragging and dropping.

Click 'Create tabs' from the add-on sidebar.

This will create the nine 'super' tabs. It can take up to one minute. It's worth the wait!

After the tabs have loaded you can have an explore. Click the button to find out more about each.

The first three tabs 'Right or Wrong', 'Class Results' and 'Incorrect Students' are ready to go with no further input required by you. 

Read on to find out how to generate personalised written feedback automatically.

Fill out the cells on the 'Auto Feedback Configuration' tab.

By filling out this information, you set the spreadsheet up to provide personalised written feedback to all students as soon as they submit a form.

You can choose the topics from here. You can of course choose to just have one topic. Don't forget to fill in a title.

Begin automatic document and email configuration.

Click the button to begin automatic generation of personalised feedback documents emailed to students.

You can also access these from a new folder created in your Drive. They are editable Google Docs so students can respond to feedback on that document.

Update: To send emails from students who submit after you press the button, simply click the 'Send new email' button. (You can also set up an automatic trigger by clicking 'Setup Trigger' in the Super Quiz menu.)