Welcome to Proxima Technologies...

Our mission is to identify building related issues while helping our clients reduce energy consumption,
save money and drive the efficient and restorative use of  renewable energy resources.

Our vision is for a more sustainable planet for future generations consisting of a vibrant
and thriving society with affordable energy abundance without energy  insecurity.


Established in April of 2009, we are a family owned and operated business serving Northeast Wisconsin. We provide Thermal Imaging, Energy Conservation, and Consulting services for residential, commercial and industrial customers. We also provide our customers with the tools and knowledge necessary to significantly reduce their energy usage and impact on our environment.

The old saying that "A picture is worth a thousand words..." is never truer than when applied to thermal infrared imaging. Quite simply our cameras can "see" what the human eye can't possibly see. As can be seen from the images on this site, we are able to clearly see inefficiencies within building structures that result in uncomfortable living environments and increased energy costs. Having this knowledge, a home or business owner can easily target the biggest problem areas resulting in the quickest payback for the maintenance dollars spent. 

In those instances where there are unseen overloaded electrical circuits, water leaks and moisture infiltration we are often able to detect these issues as well.


                                  1,548,750 Square Feet Thermally Scanned to Date :)

Guinness:  Our Customer Service Manager

In addition to the use of Thermal Imaging as our primary diagnostic tool for the identification of many building related issues, we also consult with our customers regarding ways that they can significantly reduce their energy consumption and thereby lower their energy costs.  

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. If we can answer any of your questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Martin Crean, Owner
Proxima Technologies
Menasha, WI