Speaking Part Auditions

Auditioning can be an unnerving process for young students, but it is a necessary exercise to help them prepare for a performance and to ensure that they are chosen for parts that they can be successful performing.

A big part of the audition process happens before they even set foot in front of the director and class--can they listen and follow directions? Students that have difficulty doing so will often have difficulty preparing for a performance.

As your student prepares for the audition, please help them to prepare their hearts for the audition process as well as their lines. Help them to remember that:

  • Not getting a part does not equal being untalented, nor does getting a part necessarily mean you are the most talented. Many things are considered when casting a show, and the director does not have to explain all of them to you. Trust the director.
  • Having a speaking part in the show is an extra responsibility, and not everyone is prepared for that. And that is okay.
  • The director finds all of you equally important and valuable, regardless of whether or not you have a big part or little part. In fact, the most important part of the show will be the chorus--if they don't do their job, the show will be boring indeed!!!!!

Auditions will be held on Monday, September 24th during 7th period choir rehearsal!

Lines do not need to be memorized for the audition!

  1. Students will sign up for the parts they are interested in auditioning for on Wednesday, September 19th during class. See the script for the parts that are available.
  2. Callbacks (if necessary) will happen on Wednesday, September 26th.
  3. Parts will be announced on Friday, September 28th.