Practice Tracks

The videos below will help students to rehearse their music at home. Videos are in the order that the music occurs during the musical. **Please note: some solo parts are not on the recording--see Mrs. Smith if you have any questions.

Michael's called a meeting (with voices).mp4

Michael's Called A Meeting

Song 1

"I" Trouble (with voices).mp4

"I" Trouble

Song 2

3. The Perfect Ten.mp4

The Perfect Ten

Song 3

4. Sing To the Lord.m4v

Sing to the Lord

Song 4

I Trouble Reprise.mp4

"I" Trouble Reprise

Song 5



Song 6 -- 4 solos

7. What Love.mp4

What Love

Song 7

8. If It Were Up to Me.mp4

If It Were Up To Me

Song 8

9. Close to Him.mp4

Close to Him

Song 9 -- 1 solo

10. Come to the Manger.mp4

Come to the Manger

Song 10

11. Glory to God.mp4

Glory to God

Song 11

12. Angels Aware!.mp4

Angel's Aware

Song 12

Solo Practice tracks

If you have a solo, or are planning on trying out for a solo, please use the tracks below to practice.