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ProTech Wood floors specializes in commercial and residential applications of all types of plank, strip, engineered and parquet wood flooring. From selecting the products that match your needs, to installing new floors, or refinishing the floors you never thought possible to salvage, ProTech Wood Floors is a one-stop shop of expertise, experience and time-efficiency.

We've been in the flooring industry since Don Starbard founded Don Starbard Flooring in the 1950s. Don's son Matt learned the trade as a child, specializing in wood flooring in the early 1980s. When Don retired Matt founded ProTech Wood Floors, Inc. Matt has managed the company continuously since 1988.

 Our business is 95% referrals. Our reputation among contractors, suppliers and homeowners eliminates the need for sales people.  We stand behind the work we do indefinitely. We can guarantee our work for the life of your floor, because when wood floors are installed and maintained properly, they last for the life of the property.

We invite you to explore this website and learn more about what we do and how we do it. Feel free to call with any questions at (206) 719-4700 or (206) 542 9533. Calls are normally returned within 1 business day.

Our Committment to Green

ProTech Wood Floors has been as green as the industry allowed from its inception. We use low VOC finishes and glues, recommend wood and wood products that are sustainably produced, and have the highest standard of dust and vapor containment systems.  Customers sometimes worry that "green" means more expensive. At ProTech, green means smarter. Smarter for health, better quality of installation and and finishing of floors, faster installation and finishing, and better quality floors. We invested in the best equipment and training available in the industry: our customers reap the  benefits to their health and to our planet--even when the bottom line is simply price. We will happlily match any bid where labor is legal and skilled, and materials are legally obtained.

ProTech Wood Floors has always been committed to the health and safety of our customers and our team of professional installers and finishers. And we have the studies from the University of Washington from 2003 that demonstrate this.
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