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Introducing the Professional Technical Assistance Program for Veterans 
or ProTech Assist

ProTech Assist – “A Resource for Business Consulting and Technology Assistance for US Military Veterans”

We offer practical management and technology problem solving and advice for US military veteran professionals and small business. ProTech Assist is a business consulting and technology concierge program that specializes in solving real challenges for US military veteran professionals and businesses. We differ from mentoring programs by pro-actively and actively providing management services to assist in resolving issues as a member of your team. 

We are not a non-profit organization. Instead, we are professionals, veterans ourselves, who are willing to set aside our standard fees to help your business succeed. We provide assistance in:
  • Business Management
  • Technology (IT)
  • Quality Assurance/Improvement
  • Online Media and Marketing
  • Professional Services
In addition, we provide access to a network of professionals and service providers who are willing to work with veterans and veteran owned businesses at a reduced rate. 

Get An NCO To Handle It 

"I wish I had some computer whiz kid, or go-to guy, that can get me organized and manage these issues for me" 

"If only I could afford to duplicate myself, or work with another professional who could share the work load" 

Over the years we discovered that most professionals, small businesses, and even corporations need problem solvers. A "go to" guy who knows how to listen, coordinate with others, conduct research, tinker, experiment, knows who to call, etc. They're professionals with a wealth of experience that just seem to know how to solve problems, or get things started. 

We've made careers out of being "go to" guys. In the military we call them NCO’s. 

Senior Non-commissioned Officers (NCO) serve a critical role in mission success. They are actively involved in the planning process and serve to turn plan into action. 

ProTech Assists NCO’s are military trained problem solvers, with corporate and professional consulting backgrounds and have owned small businesses of their own. 

Professionals And Small Businesses Need More Than Just Advice. 

We understand that. We function as consultants, managers, team members and executives for our clients, an extension of your existing office team. We schedule meetings on a regular basis, produce reports on progress, discuss what needs to be accomplished and perform assigned tasks. We don't just give you advice and leave you to figure out how to make it happen. We actively participate as a member of your team to get it accomplished. 
Can Your Business Benefit From Working With Us? 

From start up to seasoned businesses, there are a multitude of tasks and responsibilities that have to be accomplished in order for a business succeed. For entrepreneurs and professionals, there never seem to be enough hours in a day. 

ProTech Assist offers the US military veteran business and professional community access to an extra set of hands and minds, professionals with experience in leadership and problem solving. There are always challenges for business and the costs associated with hiring additional help or traditional billing practices for professional assistance can be cost prohibitive in any economy, but especially now. 

That's why we developed the Professional Technical Assistance Program. 

How Does ProTech Assist Save Money For My Business? 

Having an NCO for your business is invaluable. 

1. Trained to be a TEAM member and conducts themselves in a professional manner. 
2. The military and NCO mindset is to focus on the goal or mission. “Take that Hill!” 
3. Prior military NCO’s that go on to corporate management careers make lasting connections and have extensive personal and professional networks to draw on for their clients. 
4. Trained to look “outside the box” and find non-traditional solutions to challenges when necessary. “Adapt and Overcome” 
5. Stay focused and goal oriented while under pressure. 
6. Professional that know how to receive instructions, take notes, prioritize tasks and most important - carry them out. 
7. Are used to isolated and virtual environments, working independently, to get the job done. 
8. Can interact with international and varying geopolitical interests. 
9. Used to working long hours, limited resources and getting more done with less. 
10. Realists who understand to be successful requires work and perseverance. 

The savings to veterans can be dramatic. Services provided by IT service companies, business management consultants, business mentoring and assistance programs and virtual assistance companies can be costly if not managed properly. Typical fees for consulting and service providers: 

Technology and IT  $50 - $200 per hour 
Business Management  $100 - $500 per hour 
Quality Systems and Process Analysis  $100 - $500 per hour 
Business Coaching  $200 - $500 per hour 

For less than a weeks pay of an unskilled minimum wage employee, you have access to a professional who can manage those expenses, provide guidance and technical assistance. 

What About Privacy And Security? 

The consultants working with ProTech Assist take our clients privacy and the security of their information very seriously. We believe in being professional and discreet, and always look out for the desires and best interests of our clients. While we will not perform illegal activities on behalf of our clients, any legitimate personal or business concerns are respected. Each of our managing consultants have held a SECRET or higher level clearance in the military. Included in our Terms of Service is a Non-Disclosure Agreement for any information you provide to us, or that we may come across in the performance of our duties. 

The collection of software tools that we use to communicate and conduct business with our clients follows industry standards for online encryption where possible, and at the request of a client more strict measures can be utilized.