Going BYOD

This is exciting technology news for students and parents!

What is BYOD or Bring Your Own Device?
At Housel Middle School and Prosser High School, staff and students use the power of technology in a purposeful and meaningful way to help deepen understanding, demonstrate learning and enhance instruction.  Prosser School District will be piloting a Bring Your Own Device initiative at HMS and PHS only in the Fall of 2014.  This opportunity allows staff and students to utilize both school-owned and personally owned internet connected devices (such as laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones) that will allow access to resources necessary for teaching and learning under the instruction and direction of a teacher.  Only 1 device per student is allowed on the network. 

  • There is an increasing presence of personal technology at school already
  • Student owned personal devices allow for many excellent learning opportunities
  • Currently PSD cannot support a 1:1 technology environment
  • We are teaching students who are already connected in so many way

Does my child have to bring their own device?
PHS and HMS students are not required to bring in their own devices.  The schools have lab computers and other devices for use at the teacher's discretion.  Teachers will communicate with your student when and if their personal devices will be allowed and used in the classroom.  The Bring Your Own Device initiative is entirely optional.