Open Source Network Management





ProRouting NMS is a network management solution based on best of breed open source software.  The ultimate goal of ProRouting NMS is to provide network administrators useful tools for comprehensive network monitoring under a single unified interface.

The software included in this program is specifically designed to meet the following needs:

  • Bandwidth Utilization Graphing (hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Performance Monitoring (Cisco, Ironport, Windows servers, Linux
    servers, or many other vendors)
  • Application Monitoring (DNS, HTTP, SMTP, any tcp or udp based service) 
  • Network Weathermap 
  • Alarm processing - Event Notification
  • Syslog Capture
  • Automatic Cisco Configuration Backup and Archive 
  • Unified Web Interface
  • Open Source
  • Able to run as a stand alone appliance or through vmware

PRNMS is a hybrid tool that I have compiled as part of my overall CCIE consulting services.  If you are interested in more information click on Contact Me