As a user role, gPanel offers the ability to manage distribution lists, search groups, search shared contacts, and edit personal contacts.  Select a link from the Table of Contents to learn more about it.

Manage Distribution Lists

From this portal you can manage the distribution lists (groups) that you are the owner of.  Note that while you will be able to see and search the groups that you are a member of, you will not be able to edit them.

Upon visiting the Manage Distribution Lists tab, you will see all the groups that you either are a member or owner of.  Note that you can sort by ascending or descending names by clicking the column headers (i.e. Group Name, Group Email).

To find a group, enter the name of the group in the search box and click Search.

To edit the membership of a group, select the group and you will see the editing options on the right, along with a list of the group members and/or owners. If the "Is Group?" box is checked, that means that the account is a group and not a singular user account.  

Add a Member

To add a member to a group, select the group then click Add Member.

You will see a box pop up with the following fields:

  • To add a user from your own domain, type in the User: field. This allows for type-ahead.  Note that this will not work for users outside of your domain.  Use the Any: box for those cases.

  • To add a group from your own domain, type in the Group: field.

  • To add a user outside of your domain, or inside your domain, type the user account in the Any: field.

If you want to add them as an owner, select the Add as Owner checkbox.

When done, select the Add button.

Remove a Member

To remove a member of the group, select the checkbox next to the group member that you wish to remove and select Remove Member. Alternatively, Remove Owner will appear if the selected user is an owner of the group.

Make a Member an Owner

To make a member an owner, select the member you wish to make an owner and click the Make Owner button.  

Group Search

The group search tab allows you to search groups and view their member lists.  

To find a group, enter the name of the group in the search box and click Search.

From here, you can see the members of that group by clicking on the group in question.

You may view a list of the group members as plain-text or Export the list using the View members as plain-text CSV or Export Members  buttons.

Export Members will generate a Google Spreadsheet populated with the data.

You will also receive an email alerting you when the export has finished:

Shared Contact Search

Shared Contacts are contacts that are shared out across the entire domain.  They do not show up in your personal contact list.  These are for typeahead (sometimes called autocomplete) purposes.

Search for the name of a Shared Contact and it will show up in the search results box.

From there, you can click on the name and the profile for that contact will appear.

Personal Contacts

With the Personal Contacts tab, you can Create, Edit, Delete contacts, and Manage your Contact Groups.  

Create Contact

To create a contact, select the Create Contact button.

The Create New Contact box will pop up.  Enter the First Name, Last Name, and/or Email Address for the contact.

Your newly created contact will appear in the list.

Edit a Contact

To edit a contact, select the checkbox of the contact you wish to edit, then select Edit Contact.  The Edit Contact box will appear.

Enter the contact's information, then click Save.

Delete a Contact

To delete a contact, select the checkbox next to the contact's name and click the Delete Contact button.

A confirmation box will pop up, asking if you wish to delete the contact.  Select OK if you wish to continue. 

Manage Contact Groups

To manage Contact Groups, select the Manage Groups button and select your user name from the drop-down box.

You will see your contact groups appear.

Create a Contact Group

To create a group, select Create Group.

You will be asked to type the group name.  When done, select Save.

Delete a Contact Group

To delete a contact group, select the checkbox next to the appropriate item and select Delete Group.  A confimation box will appear, asking you to confirm your choice.  

Click OK.  

Note* You cannot delete system groups.