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Welcome To gPanel Data Security!

gPanel Data Security (gDS) is the most advanced Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance Platform for Google Apps.

Our auditing engine analyzes and records the complete state of nearly every aspect of the data in your Google Apps domain, for example: changes to Google Drive data & sharing, Google Site changes, user account changes, and group membership and security changes.  

You can assess your risk exposure by reviewing data creation, modification (including changes to sharing and security), and deletions.  

You can instantly review administrative changes and data exposure inside and outside of your domain at a glance, or choose to be notified as soon as a change occurs.  

Legal reviews can be facilitated with a historical trail of sharing and changes to company data over any period of time.

These are just a few of the great features that you get with gPanel Data Security be sure to read through this guide to learn more!
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The purpose of this site is to educate our subscribers on the many features of gPanel Data Security.  If after reading through this site you still have questions on how gDS works or you have a question that the site did not address please contact us so that we can address your question.

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