Asset Management \ Upload Asset CSV

gScholar allows you to import multiple assets to the Asset Management module in
one automated job using a CSV file.

 Note that all "Upload" tasks require the file size to be under 1MB.

Download the Template

Download our current template that can be found here, or download the template from the attached file.  
The first row contains the following headers:
  • Serial number
  • MEID
  • Asset Number
  • Asset Type
  • Color
  • Description
  • Location
  • Student
  • Insurance
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Expected Lifetime ( Years )

   The following contains important information on configuring your CSV file.

   Important! When editing your template the following headers must be present and in the following order:

   Serial Number, MEID, Asset Number, Asset Type, Color, Description, Location, Student, Insurance, Start Date,
   End Date, Expected Lifetime ( Years )

                               If one of these headers are missing or not in the correct order, data may not upload to profiles correctly. 
                               The template should also be in the file format of CSV.

                               Important! Secondary domains are not supported at this time. 

 Important! We highly recommend making and editing your CSV files in Google Docs. Due to a difference in formatting, CSV
 files created and/or edited with the following software will not upload properly:
        • Open Office 

Upload CSV File

Once you have finished creating your spreadsheet from the attached template, 
remember to save it in the CSV file format.

Next, Click on Choose File near the bottom of the page From there click on Select File and navigate to your csv file.


Select the CSV file and click Open

Verify that you've selected the correct file and then click Submit.

That's It! You'll be notified via email when the job has completed.

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Oct 9, 2013, 8:04 AM