CSV Upload Configuration

The Import Class Config tool allows you to associate multiple teacher, students, and classes in one automated job by importing a Google spreadsheet from Drive.

To begin using the Import Class Config tool, click the Import Class Config button at the top right of each section of the Teacher Dashboard Configuration module.

About the Template

The first row contains the following headers:
  • School: The name of the school to associate with the class
  • Class: The name of the class to add
  • Teacher: The email address of the teacher to add
  • Time: The start and end time of the class using military time, eg. "13:30-14:30" would be 1:30-2:30pm
  • Student: The email address of the student to add to the class
  • Create Folder?: "true" will create a named class folder in the affected users' Drives
  • Parent Folder: This field will be used to create a parent folder with the class folder as a subfolder underneath
    • Note: If no parent folder is needed, leave this field blank.

   The following contains important information on configuring your Class Config Spreadsheet. 

   Important! When editing your template the following headers must be present and in the following order:

   School, Class, Teacher, Time, Student, Create Folder?, Parent Folder

    If one of these headers are missing or not in the correct order, data may not upload to profiles correctly. 

Copy the Template 

Make a copy of our current template that can be found here, or download the template from the Import Class Config page in gScholar.  

Instructions to make a copy of a Google Spreadsheet 

1) Click on the link to the current template. This will open the template in a new tab of your browser. 

2) Click on

3) Click on Make Copy

4) Enter name for the New Spreadsheet. 

5) Click OK

6) Your new spreadsheet will open in a new window in your browser. This is the document you will edit to create your Class Configuration file. 

Import Class Config File

1) Click the Chooser button.


2) Choose the Google Sheet that you want to import then click Select.

3) Click Submit. 


Note: Click Reset to clear the URL and enter a new one. Click Cancel to leave CSV configuration.

That's It! You'll be notified via email when the job has completed.