Administration \ Roles

Access to the gScholar Dashboards are defined by the role that a user is assigned. 
Roles can be customized to give limited access to the Dashboards.  

The three types of roles are Admin, Teacher, and Student and each type of role gives 
the user varying levels of access to their respective view of gScholar. To view, create, edit, 
or delete a particular type of role, click the corresponding option on the left hand side
of the Administration > Roles window.


Important!  It is recommended to put all of your students in a Student Role in gScholar.  Certain Teacher
Dashboard features like seeing a student's Current Tabs require the student to be in a Student Role.

For more information on the various permissions for each type of role, please visit the

Creating a Role

To create a new role, select the type of role you wish to create and then click Create Role.


This will bring up the Role Setup window. Begin by entering a name for the new role.
Note: The role name "admin" is a system reserved name and is not allowed,

Each type of role has different groups of permissions available to it.  Select which permissions
you wish to enable by making sure it is checked in its corresponding box.  To select or
deselect all of the permissions in a particular group, check/uncheck the Select/Deselect All box.

Lastly, click Save to finish creating the new role.


NoteFor more information on the various permissions for each type of role, please visit the

Assign Users to a Role

To assign users to a role, first select the type of role you wish to assign.
Next, click Assign Users to the left of the role name.

This will bring up the Assign Role popup window.  Enter in the user to add to the role
and click Add.

That user will appear in the list of users assigned to the role. To remove a user from the
role, click Remove.

Assign Multiple Users to Roles using CSV Upload

gScholar also allows you to assign multiple users to a role in one job using a CSV file
you can easily create in a spreadsheet application.

To begin, click the Upload CSV button.


Next, download the CSV template which can be found here.
The first row contains the following headers:
  • Email: The email address of the user to assign
  • Role Type:  Can only be one of three values
    • Admin
    • Teacher
    • Student
  • Role Name: The name assigned to the role
    • To assign users to a custom role, the role must be created prior to assign users to that role with CSV upload

Important! All of the fields are required and the headers must be present and in
the correct order in the CSV file.

Note:  Once you have finished creating your spreadsheet from the attached template, 
remember to save it in the CSV file format.

Next, click Choose File and navigate to the directory your CSV file is located in.


Select the CSV file and click Open

Verify that you've selected the correct file and then click Submit.

If a user already previously exists in the role you are attempting to place them in, it will show up as FALSE under the processed column. 

Note: Click Reset to clear the CSV file and upload a new one. Click Cancel to leave CSV configuration.

That's It! You'll be notified via email when the job has completed.