gScholar Installation

Installing gScholar

Step 1. Add the gScholar App

1. Add gScholar  into your domain from the Google Admin console.

2. Select Apps from the Google Apps Admin panel. Note this may be listed under More Controls

3. Click Marketplace Apps and then click the Add Marketplace Apps button in the upper right hand corner. 

Note: From the classic Google Admin console, simply click "Go to Google Apps Marketplace" from Your Marketplace apps on the Dashboard.

4. Search for gScholar in the Search box

5. Click Install App

6. Click Continue to grant permission to install gScholar. 

7. Click on Accept to grant data access to gScholar. 

8. gScholar is successfully installed when you see this message. Click Okay, got it! to close the window. 

Step 2. Register the gScholar App

Fill out the registration form and click Save.

Congratulations! The gScholar application has now been added to your domain.

Step 3. Push out the Extension to your Students


You will need to force install the extension to all of your Students by following the instructions install apps here.

  1. In your Google Admin Console, select More Google Apps > Chrome Management.
  2. Select User Settings
  3. Under Organizations, select your Student Organization Unit.
  4. Find Pre-installed Apps and Extensions.  Find and select Manage pre-installed apps.  
  5. Select Chrome Web Store and search for gScholar.
  6. Select either the second or third extension listed for gScholar, and click Add. 

        7. Select Save.
        8. Make sure you select Save Changes on the bottom of the next screen.

Step 4.  Adding Secondary Domains to gScholar

If you use secondary domains with your Google Apps users, you will need to add the domains 
to the Domain Settings in order for gScholar to recognize the additional domains. 

First go to Administration > Domain Settings

To begin, click the Add button.


In the popup window which follows, enter in your administrator password and the secondary
domain. Next, click Verify and Add.

The domain is then added to the list of Active Domains.

Step 5. Whitelist these URLS in your firewall and / or content filter

If your school or district blocks internet traffic from a network firewall, make sure that the following URLs are explicitly whitelisted in the firewall.  :
Also, ensure that ports 80 and 443 are open and not being filtered.

Student and Teacher devices must be able to access this URLs to ensure full Teacher Dashboard functionality.

Step 6. Begin gScholar Configuration

Visit gScholar by going to

Click the Class Configuration module in the  Admin View.

Next, follow the link below for help setting up your schools, classes, teachers and students through a csv upload.