Domain Overview \ Domain Summary

The Domain Summary will give you a snapshot of the teacher and student activity on your domain and is
divided into two sections, two charts displaying Chromebook Live Activity and Policy Violations as well as the Domain Overview.

Viewing the Domain Summary

The Domain Summary page contains the following information:
  • Chromebook Live Activity: This chart will display the real time activity of all websites that are loaded through Chromebooks being tracked by gScholar. 
  • Chromebook Policy Violations: This chart will report any policy violations within gScholar in real time. 

The Domain Overview section contains the following information about your domain activity:
  • Total number of Teachers
  • Total number of Students
  • Number of Active Students
  • Total number of Classes
  • Number of Announcements Made
  • Number of Tabs Opened
  • Number of Tabs Closed
  • Number of Screen Shots Taken
  • Number of Policy Violations
  • Number of Policies Configured

Searching the Domain Summary

You can use the Filter button to display information based on user and/or the date.
Simply enter in the user's email address (or leave the field blank to search all users)
and select a date from the calendar picker and click Filter.

Note: To revert the search fields back to their original state, click Reset.

Clicking on any of the items in Domain Overview will open the corresponding module in gScholar 
so that you can view more detailed information.  

For example, clicking on the text "Announcements Made" will open the Domain Overview > Announcements module in gScholar.