Chat \ Policies

The Policies feature gives administrators the ability to generate alerts 
when users use monitored words.

Viewing Policies

To view your domain's current policies, first make sure you have Policies selected from the drop down box.

The policies will be listed with the following information:
  • Policy Name: The name of the policy
  • Word To Monitor: The word being monitored by the policy
  • User To Alert: The user who will be alerted to any violations
  • User To Monitor: The user(s) who will be monitored by the policy
  • Type Of Alert: Specifies the type of the alert

Creating Chat Policies

To create a gScholar Chat alert, make sure you have "gScholar Chat alert" selected and then click Add Policy.

Policy Information

After clicking add policy, it will take you to the policy information screen where you will be able to determine the scope of the policy.

First enter the policy name and words to monitor.

Users to Monitor

Then select the users you would like to monitor. Here you can select individual users to monitor or apply the policy to all users.

Next you can choose to exclude certain users from this policy, if you selected apply this policy to all students or clicked the add all button in the previous section. 

Time Information

In this section you can select the days and times you want the policy to be enabled.

Alert Information

In this section you can enter the email address of the user that you would like to receive notifications when the policy is violated. Here you can also enter a message to display on the user's screen when they violate the policy.

Save The Policy

The last step will be to save the policyt by clicking the Save button at the top of the screen.  The policy can now
be found in Chat > Policies module of gScholar.


To go back to the Chat policies screen, click Back.