Chat \ History

The Chat History feature allows administrators to monitor the chat history of users.

Viewing History

The Chat History module allows administrators to select users and view there chat history.

To view a user's chat history, begin by typing in the name of the user whose chat history you wish to view, or by selecting a user from the list of users in the left side menu 
and then clicking on them. Then select the second user that participated in the chat by clicking the View History button located next to the user status column.

To only show Online or Offline users in the list, click the corresponding box above the list to deselect it.

After clicking View History, the chat history page will appear. From this screen you will be able to view the chat history between two users. 
Any messages appearing in red are in violation of a chat policy.

To change the users in which the conversation is between, click the user name at the top of the page. 

After clicking the user name, a drop down menu will appear allowing you to select other users to view.