Asset Management \ gScholar Mobile

gScholar Mobile gives you the ability to look up and view asset information that is managed within gScholar from your mobile device.
With this app you can scan the gScholar generated QR code or the factory applied serial bar code and instantly see the asset 
information that is in gScholar and whom that device is assigned to.

Viewing Asset Information

The gScholar Mobile app allows you to view an assets information by simply scanning the gScholar generated QR code or the factory applied 
serial bar code with your mobile device. 

The device information will be displayed with the following information:
  • Asset Number: This could be any number used internally by your organization for the asset
  • Asset Type: This could be the type of device or the specific device model 
  • Serial Number: Serial number of the device
  • Color: Color of the device 
  • Created By: The email of the user that created the asset
  • Created Date: Date the asset was created
  • Description: Description of the device
  • Updated Date: Date the asset information was last updated
  • Modified By: The email of the user that last updated the asset information
  • Assigned User: The email of the user the device is assigned to, if applicable
  • MEID: The mobile equipment id for 3G mobile cards in Chrome devices
  • Location: The location of the device as listed in asset management
  • Insurance: The company the insurance is through
  • Insurance Start: The start date of the insurance coverage
  • Insurance End: The end date of the insurance coverage
  • Expected Lifetime: The expected lifetime of the device
  • Boot Mode: The mode the device boots into (i.e. stable or dev) 
  • Device ID: The device ID assigned to the device
  • Firmware Version: Current firmware version on the device
  • Last Enrollment Time: The last time the device was enrolled
  • Last sync Time:The last sync time for the device 
  • Org Unit: The current organizational unit the device is assigned to
  • Path: The organizational unit path
  • OS Version: the current operating system on the device

Scanning a Device

To start just open the app and select which type of  scan you are using, either bar code or QR code. 

Next, scan the bar code or QR code on the device.

That's it, now the app will display the assets information. 

Installing gScholar Mobile

To install gScholar Mobile, go to the Google Play store and search for gScholar.

Next select the gScholar app, then select install.

Next accept the permissions.

Now your ready to use the gScholar mobile app.