Android \ History

The Android History feature allows administrators to monitor the application usage history of users.

Viewing History

The History module displays logs of a user's browsing activity with the following information:
  • User: The user's email address
  • Action: The action that was applied to the application
  • Application: Name of the application
  • Device Type: The type of device used
  • Hardware ID: Hardware identification number
  • Time: The date and time the action on the app occurred
  • IP Address: The user's IP address

Searching History

Begin by typing in the name of the user whose browsing history you wish to view, or leave it blank to view all users' history.
Next, select a date from the calendar picker and then click Search.

Alternatively, you can select a user from the list of users on the left of the history logs and then clicking on them.
To only show Online or Offline users in the list, click the corresponding box above the list to deselect it.