Android \ Geolocation

This feature is still in beta. No ETA yet on final release.

The Geolocation module allows you to track the physical location of your devices and see
where users are accessing their domain accounts. You can also create location based alerts
from the module.

Viewing User Locations

Geolocation allows you view to users' and devices' locations using the Google Maps interface.
If you are unfamiliar with Google Maps, you can find help with navigating the interface here.

Users are identified on the map with red markers. Clicking on the marker displays the
user who is accessing from that location.

You can also filter your results to only display location markers for a given user and/or date.
Begin by typing in the name of the user whose location you wish to view, or leave it 
blank to view all users' locations. Next, select a date from the calendar picker and then click the Search button.