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gScholar Labs: Some awesome experimental stuff

gScholar Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren't quite ready for primetime. Here you can enable or disable the different labs that are available for gScholar. 

Available Labs:


- Ability to send monitored messages to users.
- Admins and Teachers can create policies and be alerted realtime on any violations.
- New Chat Auditing panel lets the Admin and Teacher view the history between any two students.
- Google Hangouts do not need to be enabled for this feature.


- View any student's emails through the new Gmail Auditing View.
- Search through all the Gmail Labels including Drafts and any Custom Labels.
- Have all the students' email in one place organized by their emails.

Android Auditing:

- Audit all the open/closed apps on a registed android device.
- Pinpoint the location of all the active devices on daily bases.
- View the list of all the running apps. ( Updated any time a new app is opened or closed.)


- Pinpoint the location of all your Chromebooks on Google maps.
- Identify geographical boundaries using point and click geo-fencing capabilities.
- Receive notifications when any Chromebook has been taken outside of your established boundary.

Chrome Auditing:

- Identify cheating by tracking full web browsing history.
- Track all communication between teachers and students.
- Audit all actions taken in gScholar with complete admin logs.
- Track all user website violations with violation logs.

Asset Management:

- Track actionable asset information with flexible customization such as: assigning users, device status and more to any asset
- Preserve asset integrity over their lifetime with written/visual documentation for all your Chromebooks, phones, books, etc.
- Generate QR codes that can be placed on assets for easy tracking with any mobile device.

Class Configuration:

- Manage everything school related from this new dashboard.
- Take command of all the teachers, classes and students in a school.

Alerts Engine:

- Receive instant notification of violations to your established web browsing and geographical boundary policy.