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gScholar Installation

Installing gScholar for the first time?  See the installation help here!

What is gScholar?

gScholar Overview

gScholar gives administrators and teachers visibility and access to student's Google Apps and Chromebook activity.  

Teachers can take snapshots, close and open URL's for a student or the whole class, and have 
interaction with students through our Message Center.  Our Teacher Dashboard allows for teachers to be able to view current or the 5 most recent URLs the students hit during class.  

For the administrators there is our auditing section, which tracks locations of the Chromebooks under your domain, communication between students and teachers, and any action taken place in gScholar.  We also have our Asset Manager so you can easily asset tag your devices. 

You can track anything from assigned user, device status, and more.  You also have the ability to create QR codes for devices that works seamlessly with any mobile device.

Our Alerts Engine allows you to receive in tool, email, and SMS notifications when a user violates a policy that you have created with the tool.

These are just a few of the features that gScholar provides so make sure to read through the rest of this guide to learn more!

How Do I Navigate this Site?

To navigate this site click on the menu buttons on the left hand side of the screen.  
These menu options have been formatted so that they appear similar to the menu options you see in gScholar.

I Read the Guide but I Still Need Help!

The purpose of this site is to educate our subscribers on the many features of gScholar.  If after reading through this site you still have questions on how gScholar 
works or you have a question that the site did not address please contact us so that we can address your question.

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