.... imagine being stuck... in a rut... in a room (if you're lucky) by yourself... with the World going on around you...

.... Being stuck can go on for years... and years

It doesn't matter to anyone other than yourself, and anyone close enough to you, to feel your frustration.... stress.... pain.... panic....

That's what you finally understand; there are very few good listeners with wisdom attached on planet Earth.

Too many people with agendas of their own. Too many organisations with core beliefs that differ markedly from what's needed.

If you are limited financially you also find yourself stepping back from everything you love and everyone who can afford the normal things of life that TV-displayed 'social ways' show should be yours if you are a part of society.

You stop being part of society around you after a while... it might take years of increasing isolation, or the onset of a lifelong disability, the deaths of too many beautiful friends.... the death of a single kindred spirit found on your life's journey, damage done while you were young. 

You end up stuck.

with few friends

Family at a distance in more ways than one

Too much time in your own poverty reduced circumstances

Too much time in your own head

If you are very, very lucky whatever happened to you did no damage to your self esteem.

Chances are it did

If you have little or no belief in yourself then things get tough.

You start to withdraw; you don't realise it at first. Decisions about joining in with trip a or party b start altering in your mind, reasoning is getting skewed even as you sit and think 'clearly' about why you don't want to go.

You can't admit its because you can't pay your way as others so easily do.

If, or more likely when, you realise you need help it's needle in a haystack time.

Finding good help that actually helps with your problem whatever that is, especially if it is a screwed up life type problem, is hard if you have to rely on charity and government funded help.

Even finding a good doctor is incredibly hard to do

Funny really... how many people out in the big, wide world know what's best for you... even if they don't actually have a clue who you are.

It's also funny to find out how many of the organisations which are set up to help you get on with your life can only help you if you make your life more like theirs... "Join our club and be one of us and the keys to the kingdom are yours!"


And then there are the 'gatekeepers', note the deliberate lowercase.

The gatekeepers are the ones who spot the hidden wrongness in your soul, according to their own strange sense of whatever, or see the glow of goodness and help you gain 'worthiness' in the society he/she has let you enter.

Or stands glowering at the temerity of your request for help when you have not the slightest of intentions of changing who you are in any way at all!

These  'gatekeepers' are one of the major limiting factors for growth of any society. They end up it their positions because of their bias towards the aims of the society
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